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Just a click away from booking me, a VIP Latina GFE Escort near Washington!

Fill out the booking form by clicking the button below. I will contact you once I have verified all information submitted. Discretion is not the same as anonymity. I only meet with those I can verify with REAL information. Your privacy is not more important than my safety. I  do NOT accept google voice/VOIP numbers. Once you fill out the form there will be a message below the submit button that will notify you that your form has been submitted. If booking forms are not your cup of tea, you can email ALL the information requested on this form in one email to  I’m a bit meticulous to the organization on my forms, and I do appreciate the form over the email.

I look forward to assisting you on your upcoming trip!

You’re going to love seeing DC with a VIP Latina GFE escort near Washington DC


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