Latin women, no matter what kind of man you are, will satisfy your taste...

Latinas are exotic and beautiful. They are spirited lovers with fiery fervor; they have bodies that ooze sexiness from every pore, a passion for life, and a sweet attitude… especially when they’re a fit brunette Latina Escort near Washington DC. 

I’m privileged that I caught your eye. My ultimate goal is to provide a memorable experience for you… It would be my pleasure to discover how to dazzle your mind! 

I am an enthusiastic, creative, timely, and people-oriented professional private tour guide, who will offer you a meaningful, personal, private tour. I also provide pick up & drop off transportation service in a luxurious vehicle if needed.  I love history and enjoy sharing it with my guest. Because of my international background, I see Washington DC (and the world) through an enriched lens. I can assist in different levels, from hotel bookings, VIP event tickets, restaurant and bar reservations, so you can get the most out of your free time while visiting our delightful and wondrous Nation’s Capital. I am available for tours in all of the United States and internationally with advance notice.  


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