Before Our Date

I am a Latina Dinner Companion in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia Escort. I’m the girlfriend experience in Washington D.C. that is ready to create a memorable experience with you. 

Pre-booking is preferred AT LEAST 24-48 hours in advance at the minimum. However, an appointment with little notice is not guaranteed because I often arrange my schedule weeks in advance. Same day appointments cannot be accommodated unless I have already met you, and you have been fully screened in the past. It takes time to prepare, travel, make reservations, and get my self ready for a special date.

I prefer that you fill out my form for booking, but if they are not your preference you can email me ALL the information I asked on the booking form via email to

Write your e-mail like a grown up! Use spelling and punctuation. It doesn’t have to be PHD Thesis quality, but it does have to look like a mature adult wrote it. It is hard to take a booking seriously from someone using text speak, so please don’t do it.

Please double check your schedule before booking a date! 

You will be responsible for 50% of the package that you select at the time of booking if you cancel within 48 hours of our date.You will be responsible for the 100% of the package if you cancel on the same day or within 24 hours.

It doesn’t happen often, but in the event I had to cancel our date for extenuating circumstances and a deposit was made; it will be returned within 48 hours. 

Suggestions of anything illegal, rude or the use of vulgar language is unacceptable. Please refrain from using this type of behavior when communicating with me.

During Our Date

We both should be prepared to only spend the time arranged. I never clock watch or rush our time; I find it impolite and unladylike to remind you our meeting has ended. If we are having a great time, I don’t mind spending extra time, but please check rates for my time in advance. Generally, I will have the time, for I am not a high volume Companion, and I guarantee that you are the only person I plan to meet that day in that location. 

Patronage MUST be taken care of at the BEGINNING of our date (“The Envelope”).  


Deposits and/or full pre-payment for our date are subject to my discretion. In the event that I have to cancel our date the deposit would be sent back to you within 48 hours. NCNS are non-refundable. In the event that you cancel our date, the deposit will not be refunded as it is an inconvenience on my calendar and my time. 


For friends I am familiar with, I am able to accept bank transfers and different electronic payment methods. 


At your arrival, please place the method in a a visible location where it will be easy for me to notice! Discretion prevents awkward moments, which we both would prefer to avoid. 


Please do not ask to date me on a personal level or request time without compensation. It is always my hope that we will have amazing chemistry –if in fact we do– I may entertain the idea of spending additional time with you by extending our date.  When you ask to spend time with me, understand that it is under the premise of business. Any time spent together is expected to be compensated time.


Our Memories

I DO NOT share face photos with clients; I want to keep our professional and personal, private lives intact. I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION to take photos, videos or record our date. Those who fail this request will be immediately blacklisted, reported and I will leave (or ask you to leave) immediately!


If you plan to use my name as reference, please contact me beforehand to inform me of the individual who will be reaching out. References request are via email ONLY. Make sure to specify the provider seeking the reference, verifying their legitimacy through their website, social media, and community activity. While I value your time and understanding the importance of proper screening please keep in mind that the time involved in responding to these emails is not covered by the booking fee. When you book me, you are compensating for the time we spend together, not for any additional administrative work related to communications with other providers. 

 Gifts from my amazon list, gift cards and Cash App are lovely tokes of appreciation when I provide a reference. 



 Please email for quickest response at 

I strive to promptly respond to reference requests. For a quicker response, kindly furnish all the essential information that aids me in verifying your credibility as a companion. This includes your website, social media profiles, P411, and any other details that allow me to confirm your status as a genuine companion.




Veronica Turbay