Etiquette Guidelines for a seamless date

Latina Dinner Companion & Escort in Washington DC

Time Commitment: I prioritize making our time together enjoyable and unhurried. Therefore, I won’t be the one to signal the end of our meeting; that’s simply not my style. If we’re having a good time, I’m open to extending our session, but please be mindful of my rates for additional time. Because I maintain a limited client base, I usually have the flexibility to accommodate this. Rest assured, you will be my sole commitment for the day at that location.

Patronage: Payment for our time together should be settled at the beginning of our date (known as “The Envelope”). Please place the payment in a visible spot upon arrival for discreet acknowledgement, ensuring a smooth start without any awkwardness.

Deposits & Pre-Payment: Deposits and/or full pre-payment for our date are at my discretion. If I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded within 48 hours. However, No Call, No Shows (NCNS) are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, your deposit will not be refunded due to the inconvenience caused to my schedule and time.

Payment Methods: I accept bank transfers and various electronic payment methods from familiar friends.

Professional Boundaries: Please refrain from personal requests or uncompensated time beyond our agreed arrangement. While I hope for great chemistry, any additional time must be compensated as per our professional understanding.

Privacy and Discretion: To maintain our privacy and professionalism, I do not share face photos or allow photography, video recording, or any form of recording during our time together. Failure to respect this will result in immediate blacklisting, reporting, and termination of our date.


If you plan to use my name as a reference, please contact me beforehand to inform me about who will be reaching out. Reference requests are handled via email only. Ensure you specify the provider seeking the reference and verify their legitimacy through their website, social media, and community activity. Moreover, please understand that the time involved in responding to these emails is not covered by the booking fee. When you book a date, you are compensating for the time we spend together, not for additional administrative work related to communications with other providers. Gifts from my Amazon list, gift cards, and Cash App are lovely tokens of appreciation when I provide a reference.

Providers Seeking References

Please email me at for the quickest response. I strive to respond to reference requests promptly. For a quicker response, kindly provide all the essential information that helps me verify your credibility as a companion. This includes your website, social media profiles, P411, and any other details that confirm your status as a genuine companion




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